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Hello world welcome to BuyUs my website. Ever since I can remember growing up as a young boy I remember going to all the toy stores of my home town and my mom or dad buying me toys, clothes and what ever it was that I was in need of at the time to improve my daily life.

Growing up in Canada during the 90s I spent most of my time as a kid outside especially during the summer and winter months. Life was different back then as you did not have the internet or tablets and all sorts of technology to make purchases what ever it may be to improve your daily needs, decorating your home or want to have fun and buy something for pleasure. So you had no choice but to make most of all your purchases at a local store or travel long distances to the nearest city centers or shopping malls still to make a purchase.

This is where I want to help

Ive seen the evolution of buying/selling over the course of my life and it has changed quite substantially for the owners of local businesses as well as there customers. I want for those of whom still purchase items, decorations, gifts etc. in person at your local store or shopping centers to have a new experience of comfort, confidence and certainty on making a purchase in what ever it may be to improve your daily life.

Who am I

Back in late 2011 when I first left Canada and moved to Paris, France I seen a lot of what I seen in my child hood when it came to purchasing items to improve our daily experience. I had also noticed that they had many approaches as to making a purchase or selling something to your liking. There were many street vendors especially in areas where national monuments were located such as the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame (Cathedral), and the Catacombs there are many more but these were areas I seen almost daily.

As you may know or you may not Europe is a socialist society and that being said many people love to converse and see one another on a face to face bases. As a result that is why you see many more people in shops, super centers and malls. Everyone likes to see, touch, feel and converse about what they will purchase to improve there daily experience. This is why I stated above I noticed a lot of similarities in when I was a young child growing up when ever I went with my mom or dad to make a purchase for me or for them. The experience was that of old traditional ways not so much the new and online world we live in today.

Im Here to Help

Our world is a fast paced environment always changing always evolving into newer and better ways to improve our daily life. Whether it is for self-improvement, comfort, accessibility, faster, easier, and pleasure. With this fast past changing world we endure today some of us have more of a hard time then others adapting and evolving new traits, systems, habits we must all learn to adapt because the world docent stop moving and neither do we.

What I have to offer here at BuyUs is my own unique way of helping those individuals whom have a hard time with how online purchases are made and help to make that purchase easy, painless, and comfortable just how we used to and still do when we walk into our local department store or shopping center. I want you to have that similar but new experience when making an online purchase.

My Ultimate Goal

The way you make a purchase should not be an unfulfilling experience after all we make purchases to improve our daily needs so we can be happy at the end of the day.

You will have a lot more time to yourself enjoying what it is you love doing.

Have a look around and feel free to leave me your feedback if there is anything to make your experience that much better.

All the best,

Kenneth lane


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